Preserving the Urban Forest



How we work when your tree comes down 

1. We take the logs off your hands. You know it’s going to good use. Select something from our gift collection as a token of our gratitude. 

2. We mill the tree, on site or at our facility, into lumber for your use through various stages of processing. Each step takes time. You choose how much we do.

3. We manage the entire process from tree to table. This full service option covers milling at our facility, drying and making products from your logs, “Tree Concierge.”



We can adapt the furniture designs in our collection to meet your specific requirements. Need a longer bench? A bigger table? Would you like one of our designs in a different wood? Let us know how we can make it work for you. Commissions are subject to a design fee. Material requirements will be calculated on a project by project basis.



We offer a flattening and sanding service. As wood dries, it moves. It may cup or twist. Slabs rarely dry flat. We can flatten one of our slabs or yours, as well as run slabs up to 42” wide through a state of the art, double head sander, so it’s ready for you to add joinery or simply put on the finish. The money you spend on having us sand your slabs will save you so much time, you can enjoy some of the other things you love to do.